100 Adventures

Over the holiday season, I had the pleasure of spending an amazing weekend with 5 of my closest friends, sharing a house together, while attending a music festival. One of those lazy mornings the topic of getting more active and doing more in 2016 came up. I told them that I was struggling, and had fallen back in to the rut that I was in a number of years ago.

2015 Started off great: I started to train for a half marathon, and I was pushing myself at the gym, and trying new things, such as cycling to work, solo hiking, and climbing. I developed a hairline fracture in my foot mid year, and right before the longest race that I had ever attempted. It crushed me, and I lost a lot of motivation. While my foot recovered, my mind didn’t. While I was still having a good time: hanging out with friends, going on trips, and doing lots to keep busy; my level of activeness majorly dropped. I noticed that I was getting lethargic, and that was really starting to affect my mental health.

Back in 2014, my friend Alain made a goal to get more active, get outside more, and be more healthy, overall. He committed to having “100 active days in 2014.”  I plan on using this blog to chronicle my attempt to match Alains 2014. It might be something small: maybe just a check in at the gym, or the pool, or it might be something more exciting: A hike, an over night camp trip, or who knows, perhaps exploring an ancient temple in Thailand? That totally counts. 10298908_10153394605574028_4702136704255930087_n


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