The last half of January.

One month in and I’ve already seem to hit a wall. At least here. I have near 24 hour access to a device that allows me to type and create content, and equally simple access to internet to actually publish. Writing for me is hard. Not so much the actual process of putting my thoughts to paper, but actually taking what I’m writing, and rearranging it in a way that makes sense to the end user. I find I type a lot like I speak: It makes so much sense as I’m pressing the keys, but then I look up, slow down, and realize half of what I just typed out makes no sense.

So what am I getting at? Thanks to my laziness I have to summarize 2 weeks in to one post. Fine by me! Last I left you, I was 11 days in to the race to 100 days of active lifestyle. The week after my update was pretty much a write off. I felt guilty more than I should have. Actually I retract that. I deserve every moment of guilt, since I chose for the next week to essentially have fun away from the gym. At the least, I was able to stick to a general meal plan.

The 21st rolled around, mid week, a Thursday, but a day off for me. I left the Through sheer luck, I managed to secure two tickets to see one of my recent favourite bands: Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats preform a live set at the Peak Lounge (Peak 102.7FM). I picked my buddy up an hour and a half before the show, as I was on a mission to find their album on vinyl. I had seen it earlier in the week, but neglected to pick it up. I had no luck, which I assume, was due to their sold out show later that night. Frazzeled and slightly let down, we headed to the lounge. While there, out of the blue (inside pun, since they both have blue hair) I got a tap on my shoulder. I moved out of the way, since I assumed me being so tall was blocking someones line of sight. I turned around to see my friends Sarah and Joey, who I met, back on March 14, of last year. After we enjoyed the show, we decided to capitalize on the fact that we were all reunited and went to get pho. It was sort of surreal, sitting at a table, with people I’ve really only been around at night, either at a rave, or sitting around a coffee table making kandi, discussing costume ideas and set times. The day was quickly turning dark, and I had to get ready for my evening. Remember when I said I had a Thursday off? I made the wise decision to head out for a night of shots, beers and Drake. Sharon’s brother informed me that he was doing this show a few weeks ago. Being slightly under the influence at the time, I not only committed to going, I purchased 3 extra tickets for Nikki, Taylor, and Kyanna, three festival friends from this summer, who I knew LOVED Drake. Along with Sharon, we made our way to the Biltmore, and proceeded to negate basically any calorie counting that I had done for the entire week. It was a blast, until the end when the lights came on, and I decided to ask the question, “How are you girls getting home?” Whoops. Didn’t think of that. We picked up donairs, and headed back to my place to set up the pull out couch, and fell asleep to late night disney movies.

Friday came and went. With the major excitement being that I managed to snag two early bird tickets to Pemberton Festival. I’m beyond stoked to be going back this year. I was having a rough week accepting the fact that EDC was all but not happening, due to the dollar. While I can afford it, is it really worth paying 150% the cost of everything? I’d much rather spend that money on memories with a solid group of friends. The crowd is looking solid: Myself, Jessica, Dustin (Jessicas man) Josh, Eve, Alain, Jason and Sharon, and a good hand full more are looking at coming.

IMG_6339Monday rolled in and I woke up realizing that I needed this week to to be a week of no fucking around. Final weigh in day was Friday, and I had to win that. The pot which I thought was only 100 bucks had grown to almost 300, and that was a solid night out. Being my only day off, I have been really trying to dedicate the day to doing something outside of the gym. I stepped out of the house and in to Kristi’s car and we headed north, to the mountains. After a short trip, we parked and made our way in to the woods. This was my first hike with a four legged friend, and it added some excitement to the trip. Marvin, the pug, has never been hiking, let alone really off his townhouse complex, so it was fun watching him to explore. While the hike was really fun, the ending of it (or half way mark, I guess, since it was a “there and back” hike) really was a bit of a let down. Whyte Lake, which we wereIMG_6454 walking to, had totally flooded, and the dock access was non existent. A quick snack, and a walk back to the car totalled us a 6KM walk through the mist.

The week progressed, and I finished strong, getting to Anytime fitness 4 days in a row, to close of the week with a solid 5 in a row days of activity. Weighing in that night was scary: Had my putting off the gym, late night car rides with mochas, and shots of fireball taken me out of the running? No. I dropped from 295 to 275.5 for a 20 pound weight loss in 4 weeks. Insane, but at my BMI not impossible. Riding the high of an almost for sure win, I went to celebrate with Stacy: Vapour Lounge and Ramen? Yes please! I found out the next morning, that I actually didn’t win… Laura had last 14 pounds, but being that she was about 100 Lbs lighter than me, she lost more body weight percentage. I still won entry in to this months challenge for free, and at the end of the day I’m proud of us all. A total combined weight loss of 98 pounds, with me accounting for almost a quarter of that. It feels good to start hitting goals.

IMG_6504 (1)

Jinya: Pork Chashu


-19.5 😉


Dine out, and Quarry Rock

What a week! Lots of ups and downs, but still managed to get some activity in, and was able to get outside and try a new trail that I had never done before. Last post left off on Wednesday the 13th. I knew this weekend was gonna be iffy when it came to exercise, so I prepped myself mentally for a mediocre weigh in on Sunday (I’ve joined a biggest loser competition with the fam, which I am going to win). On Thursday I had a late start at work, so I pushed myself out of bed and to the Gym. I was groggy and tired, and 100% didn’t want to go. I even tried to bail when I saw that the only shirt I had was a cotton tee. I pushed though a managed a 90 minute run.

Friday night was my dads birthday, and with my sisters 2 weeks prior, we always do a family dinner at a fancy restaurant downtown. This year we chose Wildebeest, and it was FANTASTIC. Other than our table location near the door, the night was perfect. I opted not to put anything I ate that night in to MyFitnessPal since I didn’t want to deal with the guilt. IMG_6253

Saturday rolled around and I got ready to head to North Van again, to meet some friends to hike up to quarry rock. I got a much better turn out (I run a Facebook group dedicated to exploring BC, and I’ve been pushing to get more people outside) and we all seemed to really enjoy it, even one of the girls who had never hiked before said she had fun.

Today I chalked up for a rest day. I know I took Friday off, but I feel like I am pushing myself a little too hard the last couple of weeks, and my foot has been feeling a little iffy, so I figure a day here and there might be a good idea.


Short and sweet post tonight! Figure I just check in 🙂



The first cancelled adventure.

After a great start to the weekend traversing Buntzen lake, things started to take a bit of a lull. While Not that Sunday wasn’t a good day: I worked my last day at the Lottery home in White Rock for the next couple weeks (Yay weekends off), and I got to enjoy standing outside, watching the boats and people come and go. It was abnormally busy, due to it being the last day, and the weather being more than ideal. This made the day go faster, as well as being close enough to the house this time to pick up WiFi (hooray for Apple Music).

I had all the intentions in the world to go back to Vancouver that night, and hit up the gym, and get some exercise. Instead I found myself falling in to an all-too-familiar rut: Avoiding everything in hopes of plans coming through. I had spoken to someone earlier in the day who wasn’t feeling 100% but wanted to hang out. No worries: I planned on going to the gym early, and depending on how they felt, I would see them after. They fell asleep and I hit up Netflix and just waited. I clock watched for hours: “Oh if I leave after this episode I could still easily get 90 minutes in at the gym AND shower… Well if I leave now, I could still do the Elliptical and then shower… Well if I leave now, I could maybe do some weights and then shower…” You get the picture. I ended up going, but it was so half assed and rushed, that I am not counting it, nor should I be proud of it. I suppose I can still pat my self on the back for being under my calorie count for the day!

Monday was going to be better: 3:00 PM was IMG_6208earmarked for Dog Mountain, Part 2. Rolling out of
bed was hard, thanks to a late night, but I was still excited. Looking at my phone I saw the first disappointing text, “Sorry bud, I can’t make it today, I don’t have the right clothes.” I opened the blinds to see a miserable looking day. I texted Jes to see if she and her boyfriend were still in. Over some mulling: No, they were out. No worries I thought, I would go alone.  That thought lasted maybe 1 hour before I found myself back on the couch, wasting my one true day off. I had to make something of it. HAD to. I dragged my ass of the couch and headed to the North Shore for a solo walk. Nothing fancy, nothing long, just something to clear my mind, get outside, and chalk another mark down for my 100 days of activeness.


It’s now Wednesday, and I can certainly confirm that the week is on the up and up. I worked late last night, and made sure I got my ass to the gym afterwards, and put myself back on track to getting my cardio up.  I was missing Josh and Amanda hardcore, and with 1700 calories to spare, I helped my self to a nice bowl of Pho and settled in for the night.

I woke up early today. My friend Eve needed to be at school by 9:00am across town. With bus schedules, it would have taken forever, and, along with offering to make her life easier, it gave me a good excuse to avoid sleeping in and wasting the entire morning. I threw my gym clothes in the wash, dropped her off at class by 8:30, and was home by 8:45 to get everything in the dryer, already for me to sweat in today. I cut things close, but still managed to get an hour on the elliptical to count that as a solid work out.

IMG_6226Walking out, I noticed a chalk board drawing that I could totally relate to. Even last year when I struggled with pushing myself and trying to get in shape, I never saw results. Well not true: I never physically saw results. I saw the scale go down, but to me, I looked the same. Friends say they noticed the difference, and I felt better, but even in photos I didn’t really change. I guess what I am trying to get at is that today, I realized that even if I look like a snow man right now, and I probably will look like one tomorrow, and the next day, week, month… At least I’m putting in the effort, and at least I am getting stronger, and healthier. 🙂



Buntzen Lake

It’s been a few days, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been slacking, I promise. I figure blogging random updates of, “Hey I went to the gym today,” would lead to a pretty boring blog. So, while I will diarize them, I don’t plan on updating until something fun warrants it. Today (or yesterday, I suppose) is one of those days!


Since the fifth, I can add two more days to the gym. Nothing too exciting there. The 6th was all cardio with an hour and a bit on the elliptical, trying to get my heart rate and breathing back up to speed. I want to start interval training again, and hopefully be in good enough condition to race a 5k on St. Patricks Day. I could do that now, but I really want to beat my last years time. The 8th was more of the same, plus some dappling in weight training. I’m still pretty intimidated by most of the equipment, and really need to look in to finding a partner to show me some things that would benefit my weight loss and strength building.

Yesterday was more fun! I had a nice sleep in and then headed downtown to pick up Stacy. With a quick stop for brunch on the way, we headed through Burnaby and made our way in to Port Moody for a walk around Buntzen Lake. I came prepared to hike, with my boots on, but it could easily be done with shoes. It was a little muddy, but it was a great way to test my body and see how I was compared to last year.

IMG_6152The trail was long, about 8KM and fairly flat overall. the second half was a lot of up and down, which was a great reminder as to how out of shape I really am. I had to catch my breath for a short while at the first big peak but powered on after some dude came running by us. All in all: I think this one is better suited for summer. It’s full of dogs and other people, so it might be more busy, but I think it would be perfect to practice light trail running.IMG_6185

Timing couldn’t have been more perfect: we witnessed a gorgeous sunset on the first half of the lake, and, due to the angle of the sun a frozen wonderland on the second half. I wore shorts, so I certainly enjoyed the first half more.IMG_6192

We finished the hike with a celebratory beer at one of my recent favourite breweries, Yellow Dog, located about ten minutes from the lake. Finally being in the area, I couldn’t NOT go.



Winter Hiking on Seymour

It’s only the 4th and I’ve already missed one day. I had every intention of starting the year off strong, but I figure I had valid excuse: Saturday night was Alex’s birthday, and Jessica’s last night in the Lower Mainland, for at least one semester. Given my future travel plans, this meant I might not see either of my best friends until April. To be fair to myself: I made sure to input every single Vodka Soda water in to MyFitnessPal before passing out on Kaitlan’s couch at 3:30AM. With an 8:00 shift the next morning, the first Sunday of 2016 was simply hell. Luckily, work was really slow, and it gave me some time to work on this site, and follow through with my 2015 resolution to start a progress blog, of sorts. After getting off work, I drove home, and intended on going to the gym, which was right beside Josh’s house… Considering I had already lost Jess in the AM, I figure the more time with Josh the better: there’s 265 days that I don’t have to fill with exercise, but it still feels daunting already, not going. After seeing Josh off, I was in no mood to do anything other than cuddle up and watch some Netflix, and call it.

Today however took a turn in the positive, and I consider it the highlight of the year, so far! I woke up amazingly well rested (thanks to Amanda’s mattress, no doubt). House sitting in Vancouver for the month has some perks it seems. I picked up Eve and we made our way to MEC to collect some gear for my first snow filled (and Eves first actual) hike. After a short stint picking up crampons, we spent the better part of an hour searching for a place that serves a solid brunch on a Monday. We literally went 0 for 5 before giving up and making our way towards Seymour, opting for “The first restaurant that seems to serve something healthy, and breakfast.”

After getting somewhat lost via my “Well here’s the turn off for the mountain and we haven’t seen anything yet so let’s keep going,” we found a small place in Deep Cove that turned out pretty fantastic.

I really think that it was fate working its magic putting us nearly 2 hours later than intended. We got on the trail, and after a short trek, we were given some amazing views out over Vancouver, and Inlet. Total time of the hike took around 2 hours. All in all, other than some blisters from not being in my hiking boots in months, well worth the trip. I’m thinking that weather permitting, I do this one again, next Monday, as I don’t think that I have the appropriate gear to do anything more strenuous in the snow.



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One and Two


After mulling over the idea of doing this for so long, I lucked out and got incredibly ill the last week of the year. My new years eve was spent watching Free Willy, and an entire season of Trailer Park Boys with Josh and Jessica. No complaints there. After a week of feeling like shit, a nice easy night was perfect. After we rang in the New Year, I dropped Josh off at home, and went home to sleep.

I woke up the next morning not feeling 100%, but I knew that I had to get the ball rolling.

After a slow start to the morning, I headed out to my old gym in Clayton Heights. 1 hour cardio and 30 min of strength training. While I was there, a friend called to see what was up. She mentioned that she wanted to get out, so I offered to pick her up to go for a walk. I took her to one of my favourite trails to run on in Campbell Valley park. It was was getting pretty dark by the time we got there, but we still managed a 2km walk.


Jan 2.

Working 2 jobs is what is going to be most difficult about this challenge. Today was Saturday, and I worked out in White Rock until the evening. Alex had her birthday downtown – I took the long way there; driving up through Clayton Heights to get another work out in at Anytime Fitness. 35 minutes cardio, and approx 30 min weight training. I suppose you could add dancing to the list for more cardio, but I would imagine that my vodka sodas and shots of fireball negated that.


100 Adventures

Over the holiday season, I had the pleasure of spending an amazing weekend with 5 of my closest friends, sharing a house together, while attending a music festival. One of those lazy mornings the topic of getting more active and doing more in 2016 came up. I told them that I was struggling, and had fallen back in to the rut that I was in a number of years ago.

2015 Started off great: I started to train for a half marathon, and I was pushing myself at the gym, and trying new things, such as cycling to work, solo hiking, and climbing. I developed a hairline fracture in my foot mid year, and right before the longest race that I had ever attempted. It crushed me, and I lost a lot of motivation. While my foot recovered, my mind didn’t. While I was still having a good time: hanging out with friends, going on trips, and doing lots to keep busy; my level of activeness majorly dropped. I noticed that I was getting lethargic, and that was really starting to affect my mental health.

Back in 2014, my friend Alain made a goal to get more active, get outside more, and be more healthy, overall. He committed to having “100 active days in 2014.”  I plan on using this blog to chronicle my attempt to match Alains 2014. It might be something small: maybe just a check in at the gym, or the pool, or it might be something more exciting: A hike, an over night camp trip, or who knows, perhaps exploring an ancient temple in Thailand? That totally counts. 10298908_10153394605574028_4702136704255930087_n