One and Two


After mulling over the idea of doing this for so long, I lucked out and got incredibly ill the last week of the year. My new years eve was spent watching Free Willy, and an entire season of Trailer Park Boys with Josh and Jessica. No complaints there. After a week of feeling like shit, a nice easy night was perfect. After we rang in the New Year, I dropped Josh off at home, and went home to sleep.

I woke up the next morning not feeling 100%, but I knew that I had to get the ball rolling.

After a slow start to the morning, I headed out to my old gym in Clayton Heights. 1 hour cardio and 30 min of strength training. While I was there, a friend called to see what was up. She mentioned that she wanted to get out, so I offered to pick her up to go for a walk. I took her to one of my favourite trails to run on in Campbell Valley park. It was was getting pretty dark by the time we got there, but we still managed a 2km walk.


Jan 2.

Working 2 jobs is what is going to be most difficult about this challenge. Today was Saturday, and I worked out in White Rock until the evening. Alex had her birthday downtown – I took the long way there; driving up through Clayton Heights to get another work out in at Anytime Fitness. 35 minutes cardio, and approx 30 min weight training. I suppose you could add dancing to the list for more cardio, but I would imagine that my vodka sodas and shots of fireball negated that.



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