Winter Hiking on Seymour

It’s only the 4th and I’ve already missed one day. I had every intention of starting the year off strong, but I figure I had valid excuse: Saturday night was Alex’s birthday, and Jessica’s last night in the Lower Mainland, for at least one semester. Given my future travel plans, this meant I might not see either of my best friends until April. To be fair to myself: I made sure to input every single Vodka Soda water in to MyFitnessPal before passing out on Kaitlan’s couch at 3:30AM. With an 8:00 shift the next morning, the first Sunday of 2016 was simply hell. Luckily, work was really slow, and it gave me some time to work on this site, and follow through with my 2015 resolution to start a progress blog, of sorts. After getting off work, I drove home, and intended on going to the gym, which was right beside Josh’s house… Considering I had already lost Jess in the AM, I figure the more time with Josh the better: there’s 265 days that I don’t have to fill with exercise, but it still feels daunting already, not going. After seeing Josh off, I was in no mood to do anything other than cuddle up and watch some Netflix, and call it.

Today however took a turn in the positive, and I consider it the highlight of the year, so far! I woke up amazingly well rested (thanks to Amanda’s mattress, no doubt). House sitting in Vancouver for the month has some perks it seems. I picked up Eve and we made our way to MEC to collect some gear for my first snow filled (and Eves first actual) hike. After a short stint picking up crampons, we spent the better part of an hour searching for a place that serves a solid brunch on a Monday. We literally went 0 for 5 before giving up and making our way towards Seymour, opting for “The first restaurant that seems to serve something healthy, and breakfast.”

After getting somewhat lost via my “Well here’s the turn off for the mountain and we haven’t seen anything yet so let’s keep going,” we found a small place in Deep Cove that turned out pretty fantastic.

I really think that it was fate working its magic putting us nearly 2 hours later than intended. We got on the trail, and after a short trek, we were given some amazing views out over Vancouver, and Inlet. Total time of the hike took around 2 hours. All in all, other than some blisters from not being in my hiking boots in months, well worth the trip. I’m thinking that weather permitting, I do this one again, next Monday, as I don’t think that I have the appropriate gear to do anything more strenuous in the snow.



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