Buntzen Lake

It’s been a few days, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been slacking, I promise. I figure blogging random updates of, “Hey I went to the gym today,” would lead to a pretty boring blog. So, while I will diarize them, I don’t plan on updating until something fun warrants it. Today (or yesterday, I suppose) is one of those days!


Since the fifth, I can add two more days to the gym. Nothing too exciting there. The 6th was all cardio with an hour and a bit on the elliptical, trying to get my heart rate and breathing back up to speed. I want to start interval training again, and hopefully be in good enough condition to race a 5k on St. Patricks Day. I could do that now, but I really want to beat my last years time. The 8th was more of the same, plus some dappling in weight training. I’m still pretty intimidated by most of the equipment, and really need to look in to finding a partner to show me some things that would benefit my weight loss and strength building.

Yesterday was more fun! I had a nice sleep in and then headed downtown to pick up Stacy. With a quick stop for brunch on the way, we headed through Burnaby and made our way in to Port Moody for a walk around Buntzen Lake. I came prepared to hike, with my boots on, but it could easily be done with shoes. It was a little muddy, but it was a great way to test my body and see how I was compared to last year.

IMG_6152The trail was long, about 8KM and fairly flat overall. the second half was a lot of up and down, which was a great reminder as to how out of shape I really am. I had to catch my breath for a short while at the first big peak but powered on after some dude came running by us. All in all: I think this one is better suited for summer. It’s full of dogs and other people, so it might be more busy, but I think it would be perfect to practice light trail running.IMG_6185

Timing couldn’t have been more perfect: we witnessed a gorgeous sunset on the first half of the lake, and, due to the angle of the sun a frozen wonderland on the second half. I wore shorts, so I certainly enjoyed the first half more.IMG_6192

We finished the hike with a celebratory beer at one of my recent favourite breweries, Yellow Dog, located about ten minutes from the lake. Finally being in the area, I couldn’t NOT go.




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