The first cancelled adventure.

After a great start to the weekend traversing Buntzen lake, things started to take a bit of a lull. While Not that Sunday wasn’t a good day: I worked my last day at the Lottery home in White Rock for the next couple weeks (Yay weekends off), and I got to enjoy standing outside, watching the boats and people come and go. It was abnormally busy, due to it being the last day, and the weather being more than ideal. This made the day go faster, as well as being close enough to the house this time to pick up WiFi (hooray for Apple Music).

I had all the intentions in the world to go back to Vancouver that night, and hit up the gym, and get some exercise. Instead I found myself falling in to an all-too-familiar rut: Avoiding everything in hopes of plans coming through. I had spoken to someone earlier in the day who wasn’t feeling 100% but wanted to hang out. No worries: I planned on going to the gym early, and depending on how they felt, I would see them after. They fell asleep and I hit up Netflix and just waited. I clock watched for hours: “Oh if I leave after this episode I could still easily get 90 minutes in at the gym AND shower… Well if I leave now, I could still do the Elliptical and then shower… Well if I leave now, I could maybe do some weights and then shower…” You get the picture. I ended up going, but it was so half assed and rushed, that I am not counting it, nor should I be proud of it. I suppose I can still pat my self on the back for being under my calorie count for the day!

Monday was going to be better: 3:00 PM was IMG_6208earmarked for Dog Mountain, Part 2. Rolling out of
bed was hard, thanks to a late night, but I was still excited. Looking at my phone I saw the first disappointing text, “Sorry bud, I can’t make it today, I don’t have the right clothes.” I opened the blinds to see a miserable looking day. I texted Jes to see if she and her boyfriend were still in. Over some mulling: No, they were out. No worries I thought, I would go alone.  That thought lasted maybe 1 hour before I found myself back on the couch, wasting my one true day off. I had to make something of it. HAD to. I dragged my ass of the couch and headed to the North Shore for a solo walk. Nothing fancy, nothing long, just something to clear my mind, get outside, and chalk another mark down for my 100 days of activeness.


It’s now Wednesday, and I can certainly confirm that the week is on the up and up. I worked late last night, and made sure I got my ass to the gym afterwards, and put myself back on track to getting my cardio up.  I was missing Josh and Amanda hardcore, and with 1700 calories to spare, I helped my self to a nice bowl of Pho and settled in for the night.

I woke up early today. My friend Eve needed to be at school by 9:00am across town. With bus schedules, it would have taken forever, and, along with offering to make her life easier, it gave me a good excuse to avoid sleeping in and wasting the entire morning. I threw my gym clothes in the wash, dropped her off at class by 8:30, and was home by 8:45 to get everything in the dryer, already for me to sweat in today. I cut things close, but still managed to get an hour on the elliptical to count that as a solid work out.

IMG_6226Walking out, I noticed a chalk board drawing that I could totally relate to. Even last year when I struggled with pushing myself and trying to get in shape, I never saw results. Well not true: I never physically saw results. I saw the scale go down, but to me, I looked the same. Friends say they noticed the difference, and I felt better, but even in photos I didn’t really change. I guess what I am trying to get at is that today, I realized that even if I look like a snow man right now, and I probably will look like one tomorrow, and the next day, week, month… At least I’m putting in the effort, and at least I am getting stronger, and healthier. 🙂




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