Dine out, and Quarry Rock

What a week! Lots of ups and downs, but still managed to get some activity in, and was able to get outside and try a new trail that I had never done before. Last post left off on Wednesday the 13th. I knew this weekend was gonna be iffy when it came to exercise, so I prepped myself mentally for a mediocre weigh in on Sunday (I’ve joined a biggest loser competition with the fam, which I am going to win). On Thursday I had a late start at work, so I pushed myself out of bed and to the Gym. I was groggy and tired, and 100% didn’t want to go. I even tried to bail when I saw that the only shirt I had was a cotton tee. I pushed though a managed a 90 minute run.

Friday night was my dads birthday, and with my sisters 2 weeks prior, we always do a family dinner at a fancy restaurant downtown. This year we chose Wildebeest, and it was FANTASTIC. Other than our table location near the door, the night was perfect. I opted not to put anything I ate that night in to MyFitnessPal since I didn’t want to deal with the guilt. IMG_6253

Saturday rolled around and I got ready to head to North Van again, to meet some friends to hike up to quarry rock. I got a much better turn out (I run a Facebook group dedicated to exploring BC, and I’ve been pushing to get more people outside) and we all seemed to really enjoy it, even one of the girls who had never hiked before said she had fun.

Today I chalked up for a rest day. I know I took Friday off, but I feel like I am pushing myself a little too hard the last couple of weeks, and my foot has been feeling a little iffy, so I figure a day here and there might be a good idea.


Short and sweet post tonight! Figure I just check in 🙂




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