Halfway Through My Damn Early Days

Well two weeks have gone by and I’ve been waking up stupid early to do things such ass… meditate… read… exercise… and update my blog. How’s that going? Well.. better than expected, really, but for totally different reasons. I clearly haven’t updated this blog. Mostly since last weekend I was inundated with work, and I never really got to go outside. I worked out almost every day (Fuck yah) but writing a blog about me hitting an elliptical trainer is kinda boring.

So what happened? Lots. I moved back home after a month of subletting. I learned a lot from that. I learned that I tend to take advantage of people. I like to think that I am a pretty easy guy to get along with. I say please and thank you, I’m friendly, I like to help, and I’d do anything for a true friend. I totally dropped the ball on the last part a couple weeks ago. With out getting in to too many details: I left my friends apartment a mess. I foolishly thought that things being up to my standards were simply good enough. Not the case, and simply not acceptable. I broke a friends trust and it hurt a lot. It took a tole on me emotionally and I consider myself lucky that I have a friend good enough to forgive me (after some light begging).

I’ve been focusing on getting my meal planning in order, and using the early wake up call to slooooowly ease myself in to the day, basically up by 5-6 and getting in a wholesome breakfast, where I’m sitting down and actually digesting, rather than running out the door with something in a napkin.

I also learned a lot about myself last week with dealing with my own and my friends mental health. I was out with someone Thursday night, and witnessed a full on anxiety attack. It was very surreal experiencing this as a third party. I’ve dealt with this on my own, on a much smaller scale, and with by best friend, again, on a much smaller scale. I spent 5 hours sitting with someone, rubbing their shoulders and head, helping them calm down. I ended up not getting home until almost 1:30 in the morning, but it was humbling, and worth it. Someone going through something so difficult, asking you not to leave, in a roundabout way, made me feel really good. It felt like I was worth something, and it made me feel good that someone cared about and trusted me.

This weekend I did get a chance to do something fun! Not a hike either! Well sorta kinda had a hike. Fun on Friday led to a very lethargic attempt at being active on Saturday. I had tickets to Adventure Club on Friday, and I planned ahead and booked Saturday off. Good thing too since I partied a little too hard on Friday and didn’t get home until 4:00AM… Saturday me and the Explore BC crew met up at Brandywine Falls. A quick, snowy jaunt down a pathway on the side of the Sea-To-Sky led to a beautiful shot of a waterfall. after a jog back to the car (it was pissing rain) we continued on to Whistler for an evening of good friends, food, and snow tubing. While it was not as long as I was hoping for: I had a total blast. Some people showed up that had never come out before, so it was good to know that the group was working, and more people were trying to get out.IMG_7355

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key. I was supposed to go out for Valentines but my heart simply wasn’t in it. No pun intended. I cancelled my plans and stayed home. While I was pretty down in the dumps over it, being my first Valentines alone, Monday made up for it tenfold. I got out of my comfort zone for the first time in a really long time, and met up for a coffee date with someone I met last summer. My intentions were supposed to hang out, and then use the time downtown to hit the gym for a 5 day gym streak for the next four work days. Instead: it turned in to a shameful 1000 calorie deficit in My Fitness Pal (thank you Fat Tug IPA for that), and a 10 hour hang out. It was totally worth it. Making friends in Vancouver is next to impossible. She came from Calgary 5 years ago and told me that it took years to find a good core group of people. I went home with her to meet her roommates and had a blast. We’re all going to Pemberton so plans have already been put in motion to camp together.

Anyways. As I sit here I have added… 9 more days of at least an hour of exercise. You know what? That’s fucking awesome, and I feel like I’m really starting to kick ass at this.


Until next time.






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