Norvan Falls & Brothers Creek

Normally I would break these in to two separate posts and back date one to look like I’m actually keeping up to date with my blogging, but I figure by leaving it as one and calling me out on my own lazy shit, maybe I will get more dedicated to this.

Hey. How’s it going? yeah the one person that reads this! Haha. Where did I leave off? Last month! Shit – lots to write. Good thing it’s slow at work…

We left off on a tipsy Saturday night with full intention to follow up with a detailed blog of the week…. Anyways. Sunday was great. Nothing too major happened: stayed in and had a little rest day because I had big plans for Kristi and Marvin the next morning.

I woke up and got dressed and picked up my Monday partners and headed to the north shore. I had been to Lynn Canyon oodles of times, but never to the head1iwgrhvwaters that are located passed the suspension bridge. We got there early, which was good, since I was not really prepared to do the length of hike that we did. Norvan Falls rang in at a whopping 19 Km. My farthest hike by far. This was great because I learned two things: I don’t get bored in nature, and I have the stamina to keep going. The hike itself was relatively easy: most of what I have been doing the last couple of months has been flat due the snowfall and it being… well.. Winter. The distance was totally worth it. Norvan falls is big, and beautiful. I climbed up to the mouth of it, and checked out ways to get to the top. I fully intend on coming back when it is warmer out with a rope, to see if I can get up there, and to swim in the mouth of it 🙂 We finished off the hike with a stop in at Deep Cove Brewing to avoid the traffic and to have a beer. Well deserved if you ask me 🙂

With Mondays hike under my belt i powered through the rest of the week, and got to the gym all 4 days that I worked at the City. Pat on the shoulders there for me!

That brings us up to the weekend. A number of amazing things happened: I weighed in on Friday and I lost 11 pounds in Feb. that means, since I started this blog, I have lost 30 pounds. I feel great, and people are noticing, we is kinda cool. I don’t notice, but I suppose I am my hardest critic. The weekend I pretty much wrote off as a cheat weekend. I relaxed, ate what I wanted, drank a beer on the beach, had french fries… oh no… haha.

Monday rolled around again and Kristi and I tried something different: She posted on inviting some travelers to come with us. We had an amazing turnout, and went up toqhsc7nh one of my favorite hikes in North Van: Brothers Creek. It was fun getting to know people that have been, or are from all over the world. The hike itself was just as fun as I remember: the first third being a gentle uphill trek with a 2/3 slope down for an easy couple hours. We took a little break at Hidden Lake, which was just above the snowline, so there was a really cool contrast . Post hike we congregated at Greenleaf Brewing in Lonsdale with a few of the hikers. I’ve always loved it here, since I have followed the owner from Howe Sound and watched him build the shop from the ground up. A couple of us weren’t done there and moved over to Parallel 49 for radlers and paddles. Chatting with one of the travelers we found we shared common interest in Andy Warhol, so we now have Monday plans to go to the art gallery! I’ll have to hit the gym, and apologize to Marvin and Kristi, but I am sure, given the situation, they will forgive me just this once.

I woke up Tuesday with a sharp pain in my toe. Like really sharp. It concerned me. The last time I felt this, I fractured my foot. Luckily, I was off to the doc to get shots for Thailand, so I figure I could ask him there. He told me to ice and elevate and check back in a couple days (it feels 90% today!). Sadly, as a result of foot pain, and arm pain (tetanus shots hurt holy shit).

Anyways. Nothing to update during the week. I’ve been keeping to myself a bit. Working on sorting out some of the more murky parts in my life. Things seem on the up and up, and I hope I’m in prime condition for this weekends adventure: A rainy rainy hike on Sunday 🙂