Hey remember me? Whoops

So I did it. I put this off for an entire month. And now I’m paying the price and I’m going to be spending the next little while filling you in what happened for all of  March. To be perfectly honest this one’s going to be extremely condensed, considering It’s just going to play catch up so I can get to the fun stuff. Hint:I’m in Asia right now

So! We left of with me getting back from Brothers Creek! March Weather SUCKED SHIT. That being said, Kristi, Marvin, and A few others managed to get out and have some fun. For the ones of you included in the updates, I’m sorry if I screw up some of the details, but I’m going off memory and we all know how that goes.

March 7th i got to meet up with one of my best buds, Andrew, to hunt down Kennedy Falls. Situated far in the back of the mountain bike trails hid a gorgeous cascading fall. As previously mentioned: rain was in the forecast. With a half dozen interested at the beginning of the week, we quickly we were reduced to just the two of us. I liked it. I haven’t sent enough time with Andrew since moving to Vancouver, and I appreciated the amount of time I got one on one with him. The hike winded through meticulously manicured mountain bike trails for the first kilometer, before branching off in to the hiking trail that led to a massive tree simply known as “the big cedar.” Scrambling over and under massive downed trees, washed away trails and sloshing through deeper than expected creeks. After a short stop and a few photos of the tree (it really is huge) we carried on towards the falls. They were really something else. I suppose that with us finally getting closer to spring at this time, and with the weather, there was a considerable amount of volume. If we were already wet from the mist and the rain, we were now. After a short lunch and a few photos for Instagram (haha come on you know it’s true), we headed back to the car for the traditional post hike beer. After a successful beer after brothers creek, I took us back to Green Leaf Brewing in North van to enjoy some Mexican and a couple pints.

The weeks following, I committed to the gym 4 days a week to round out my attempt at a perfect month: 20 days of at least 1 hour of exercise. 4 days at the gym got me half way there.

With the weekend looking decent, we attempted to get a decent group out for another walk. I use the term walk this time, as it was pretty much 2/10 on the scale of difficulty. That being said, Kaitlan and her new boyfriend Francois came out for the first time this year, along with Alex, Jenn, Andy, Sarah and Kirsti made it out. It was lots of fun and the walk, while easy, ended in some beautiful shots. It was great to include new people, and I think it will lead to more fun in the future, with some people starting to break out of their comfort zone, like I’m trying to do!

Due to the holiday, Kristi and I were not privy to our normal outing this week, trading it for work. it was fine though. We got to spend the day together, and I’ve really gotten to enjoying our time together. Miles is one lucky guy to find someone like her. Easily one of the most caring and sincere people I know.

While we didn’t get any Monday hikes in with Marvin, I did get to try something new: Hot Yoga. Did I love it? No not at all. But EVERYONE says that I will grow to like it. Early morning, I drove with a friend to the studio to meet Kristi. No dogs allowed so Marvin had to stay home. I thought I was doing terrible, comparing myself to the girls who were clearly pros. After the fact Kristi told me I did fantastic for my first time. Apparently I am more flexible than I think.

The coming weeks were hectic. A lot went down. It was incredibly stressful and I was majorly tested emotionally. I don’t deal with stress and anxiety very well. For the sake that this is a public blog, I’ll keep it private, but I’m glad I was able to get though everything. It didn’t help that I was NOT at all ready to see Josh in Bangkok, and I wasn’t even close to being packed. I finally had a Monday off again and I decided that I could finally use it to get set up for that. I understand why it is so popular, after doing it. The views of Howe Sound and Squamish are pretty impossible to beat. I can’t wait to go back and enjoy a sunrise or a sunset there. Juts breathtaking. As per usual: post hike beers at one of y favorite breweries: Howe Sound breweries where we basically negated the entire hike, eating our weight in Nachos and beer.

With a fully committed four weeks I successfully completed 20 active days. That pretty much wraps up all of march and a little bit of April. After the Chief I knew I needed to buckle down and actually get ready to go. Next stop Thailand.


Oh. PS: 40 fucking pounds down 🙂

56/100 over half way!


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