The rise and fall of 2016.


In typical “New Year, New Me,” fashion, I was making my annual look back on 2016, reminiscing on all the amazing things I accomplished, experienced, and failed at. Blogging was certainly something I can throw in the fail bucket. As you can tell from the archive link: I made it somewhat constantly for… one third the year. Post Thailand I kinda got in to the swing of having too much fun.

So what’s happened? I guess that depends on how you look at it? My year was amazing, and shitty. Memorable and unmemorable. There was peaks and valleys. But overall: I think it was very positive. I got home and settled back home after Thailand, and Spring quickly turned to Summer, and with ‘Festival Season’ in full swing this year, I was lucky to meet some amazing, beautiful new humans; strengthen friendships, and grow as a person.

The downside of things, would be along with this blog, I stopped exercising. My jump on the year diminished, and I fell in a rut of staying out late, socializing, eating and drinking. Without getting in to it too much right now, I think this has led to a serious down swing in my emotional well being. The last couple of months I have been looking for anything other than myself to blame my depression and mental health on, other than myself. The last couple weeks I’ve really started to turn myself around. I need to hold myself accountable for my own actions. I need to focus on me, and I need to make a real effort to be the person I want to be.

I sat down to type up a year-in-review style blog, but I think I really need to spread some things out. I have started up with 21 Damn Early Days, which I blogged about last year in Feb/March. I think that rather than focusing on longer, more detailed blogs, I am going to use my mornings to wake up, reflect, and write. Julian offered an amazing goal, in which his cell phone goes on Airplane Mode, and he writes for at least an hour, or until he gets out 500 words. Along with getting back on the fitness train, I really feel I need to do that, too. I LIKE writing! This right now is incredibly therapeutic. Even though nobody reads this (trust me, I can see the page views!) it’s nice being able to write my thoughts and feelings out.

So yeah. Short and sweet. I fell off. I got derailed. And I am going to try again.

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