22 Damn Early Days.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m starting 21 Damn Early Days with Chasing Sunrise this month. I started off with updating my blog for the first time in a year. With all my excitement, it turns out that I was a day early, and it started this morning. Fine by me, I got a head start on every body. And with day one officially here, I’m already off to a good start. I’m coffee’d, dressed, kitchen’s cleaned, and I’m sitting at my desk listening to tunes and doing this.

I spoke about getting more fit, and being more accountable for myself. On the first I picked up a Fitbit Surge, and I was excited to take it out for a test drive. I met up with my friend Lindsay, and went up to Mount Seymour (arguably my favourite mountain for hiking due to the view to hardness ratio) and trekked out for a couple hours on our snow shoes. I’ve known Lindsey for a number of years, and we’d gotten quite close in the past: She was one my best friends wife’s best friend, and we worked in the same office together for a while back in 2015. Two years ago, she and her roommate were the catalysts to get me in to running, and they were at the finish line when I finished my first 5K. When I went back to 3-1-1 we did start to drift. Not for any reason, really. We both have busy lives and it’s a challenge to balance everything. The thing I love about her: as soon as we get in the car together, it’s like I saw her an hour ago. All in all: GREAT times. Ended the day well above my required steps on my Fitbit, and ran an awesome caloric deficit.

I’m looking forward to getting a few words everyday. I’ve been thinking about my routine, about how I leave everything to the last possible minute, and worry about it then. Reading about what others do, especially in the morning, is making me realize how important it is to prioritize, set goals and to schedule a little better. I always consider big picture things, but never break things down to daily successes. I think a large part of my anxiety, and my stress comes from the fact that I focus so hard on one big item, that all the little stuff that gets in the way of that builds up. I need to slow down in a sense, and I need to realize that it’s easier to take steps one at a time.

I’m going to pick up Josh to go for a walk before work this morning. Veiled to him as Pokehunting (Yeah we got HARD addicted to Pokemon go) I’m excited to get a good healthy walk in, and to have a partner to talk to in the car on the commute in to Vancouver. The best part? Josh starts work at 9:00, and I don’t start until noon. Rather than go to work early and go online, like I typically would, I’m bringing gym clothes, and a book. Depending on how much walking we get in, I’m going to crash in a comfy chair in a coffee shop, and I’m going to start reading again. I used to read every day, and looking back, I don’t think I’ve read an actual book, made of paper, in years.

So short and sweet, like I promised. 500 words, or so, a day. Julian: Thanks for helping kick off 2017. I hope I can stay accountable.




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