How to Not Suck at Building Habits.

I really don’t know how or what to write about this morning, and have shamelessly stolen this title from Julians post this morning. It was an interesting blog about how and why habits are so hard to form, even though we’re aware internally about how important they are. The link for the post can be found here:

There was a few points that really spoke to me. First was in regards to habit forming around friends. It made me smile when I read the line that “They don’t want to drink, but their friends drink, so they end up having a few,” because not even 9 hours ago, I told Josh and Jessica “No you know what I’ve got an early morning, I’ll catch you in the morning!” We weren’t planning on drinking but the concept is very much the same.

With my Damn Early Days, I’ve progresses a little bit. baby steps. I’ve started a routine of making breakfast again. More than one food group, and coffee to pair. Seems trivial, but I usually skip breakfast or drive through Tim’s on the way to work, so it’s a nice change for me. As Julians article states: Start small. Start small! That’s the last thing I like to do! I’m BIG! And I like doing BIG things. And that’s effected me for good and bad. I need to hold myself back. Looking back, when I was learning to run distance, I was the same way. I was sure you could just RUN, and you just keep going as hard as you can, until you can’t run any more, and eventually you got better. It took 2 classes to be broken and humbled. I had to restart, and start sloooooow. I hated it at first, but the slow steady interval training showed insane results that I never thought I’d see, slowly, but steadily! I think I really need to do that with other parts of my life.

Part of this 21 day commitment is a great social group of people all doing the same thing as me. It’s a little daunting because everyone who discusses their routines are in very different parts of their life than me. People speak of struggling to set fitness challenges, work challenges and so on and so forth for the next four weeks that I couldn’t even imagine hitting in a year, two years, five?? But I need to focus on the fact that everyone starts small. Every one starts out different and everyone else has different skills and attributes than I do.

I was speaking to Michelle last night, a friend I met over the summer who’s an amazing artist. Every now and then she shows me something that she’s working on and it simply blows me away. I always think about how I wish I had more artistic talent. I told her that and she had a pretty blunt answer. “You’re not going to get better if you don’t practice.” I know this is so true, but I never really let that resonate. As I type this, I’m thinking that along with my writing, I’m going to try to get back in to something related to the arts. Either painting, which I have no experience in, or dive deeper and try to really evolve as a hobby photographer. I have the ability to do both, but now I just need the accountability to bring this to fruition.

So, reader, if you see me in the new future, hold me accountable. I know I’ll need it. I know that I need a support system and that it’s okay to ask for that.

Until tomorrow.15826688_10154881292144028_796670101236545602_n




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