A Look Back at the First Week

Whoooooo… .made it. Barely! What a way to end a week of insanity. While I’m loving the early mornings, today really took a tole on me physically and mentally. If you’re coinciding blog posts, to calendar dates: The lower mainland has experienced the most snow they’ve ever received in 8 years. The amount of snow is negligible, but it’s still causing issues everywhere as when it fell over the weekend, it was extremely wet and it turned to compacted ice within hours. While main arterial roads and priority routes were maintained, most residential streets where not, which is the case with any major snow fall. I guess in this day and age: being connected 24/7 and having unlimited ways to voice opinions, read news, and interact with people on a social level: things have gotten out of hand.

I work in municipal government, so I’m on the receiving end of most of the flak. People think that we should have every road spotless before rush hour, that the city runs on an endless supply of labour, road salt, trucks and time. The amount of times I have been yelled at, scolded, berated, etc this week has been unfathomable. It’s really making me wonder where peoples sense of community has gone. I grew up in a rural part of Langley. My parents paid taxes, but not once did we call the City demanding they come and shovel or plow our road. Why? Because we are not priority. There’s thousands of kilometers of busy roadways that need to be kept in immaculate condition to allow for safe access of commuters and commercial trucks.What did I do this winter? I got out there myself, with my sister and salted our own road, with our own salt.

Anyways – Microrant. I don’t want to blog about the negative parts of my life. I’ve powered through the week with early wake ups and the result has been quite positive. The amount of time I’ve had to reflect on the new year has been good. I’m looking forward to the next three weeks, as I’m hoping a better work routine will result in more getting done. As much as I love overtime, because I can bank that for more days off (bring on the adventure!) I really enjoyed the days this week where I was able to just be with myself.

I have the next 4 days off, and weather pending, I’m hoping to get a lot of me time in, and get some more use out of my new Fitbit! Next weeks posts should come with a little more content: Dodgeball is starting up and I’m excited to meet some new people and get back in to a sport that I really love.







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