Time Flies

Oh man. You take one weekend off, and all of a sudden you haven’t updated in a week. Rough. As soon as I left work I wanted nothing to do with a computer. I went home Friday night and had a super chill night alone. No one was home so it was nice to just relax and not have to worry about anything.  Julian posted a great article about how not skipping days would be better than forgoing and having a rough start on Monday. I had every intention to do so, but the week caught up to me and I ended up sleeping for a solid 10 hours. Saturday was a whirlwind start to the day: I planned on going for a walk or a hike with Jessica, and Josh as well. We met up in Fort Langley, and made it for maybe five minutes before deciding that the Houston Trail was simply too icy and unsafe. We settled on option two: Beer. Langley finally got its fir craft brewery and they’ve been making some excellent beers. After a couple, we decided on hosting a games night ay my place. I put the call out, and got Alex and Darby in as well, on the condition that I pick Darby up on the way home. No problem: It gave me an excuse to swing by New West and grab another beer at S&O, who so conveniently was pouring Josh’s and I’s favourite four winds brew on their guest tap!

Games night was a success. Good laughs, Chinese food, delicious drinks and great friends. It ended rather early, as again, I had committed to be up extra early for a little fun. Rising at 4:30 (again, ugh) I made my way through Langley and headed up to Seymour mountain with Andy to meet up with a group of other DED’ers to hike dog mountain to watch the sunrise. About 50 of us total made it the trek and it was great to meet other folks doing the same thing that I was. We ended the trek with a stop over at Craft for coffee and brunch. Megan met up with me there, getting to meet the crew. She was a late entry in to the group but I really love how much she’s contributing and getting to know an amazing community.

With my belly full and my legs still burning, I headed home to get ready to go on my next adventure: Island Time. Kris had messaged me saying he really missed hanging out and if I had Monday off to come over. I agreed on the condition that we spend time with Jessica, and that we wake up at 4:30. One of those things happened. I didn’t wake up at 4:30. We hardly even got home then. But that’s ok. It was well needed and we all had an amazing night, drinking, laughing, poorly dancing, and drunkenly eating chicken nuggets.


Needless to say, the ferry home was rough the next morning. Not good, as I had Dodgeball that evening. Luckily it was an easy going night. I am volunteering with the league to help organize nights, and it went off without a hitch. A lot of new players got to experience the league and Josh and Sarine who’re new to my team this year got to experience the game, and loved it! After the whirlwind weekend, I took Tuesday off to recover. I’m now sitting her typing, feeling great and looking forward to getting off work, so I can finally get to bed early and get back in to my routine!



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