Yesterday morning I got to try something new. I was skeptical, to say the least. While I fully understand the importance, and the benefits of meditation, I had never been able to successfully calm my mind myself, and for a long time, simply chalked it up to not being able to… Almost along the same lines of hypnosis.

Megan came over the night before, and watched the gang play dodgeball. We drove home, and hour later than expected, and got ready for our 3:45 wake up call. Due to the fact that most activities offered by the 21DED crew are in Vancouver, and I being in Langley, we needed to get up a little earlier, to ensure we made it to Gastown in time. Our alarms went off, and we slowly, and groggily made it of the couch and bed, questioning the point of doing this. It was such a nice drive in, even though we were both clearly not stoked about the fact that not even 4 days prior we were just getting to sleep at this time. I had to laugh, as we stopped at the Tim Hortons for a quick coffee on the way. I HATE Tim Hortons, but it’s the only stop on the way to town. Megan got a bagel that looked like they stomped it on the ground. Knowing my position on Them, I couldn’t help but laugh and say, “SEE?!”

With the traffic count essentially at zero, we made great time getting in to Vancouver. We pulled up to Moment Meditation and said good morning to the other couple of people already waiting. Within 10 minutes there was a group of 20, chipper, but clearly tired, early risers. It was nice seeing who else was running this challenge with you. People all with a very common goal, but from many walks of life.

As we made our way up to the space, I couldn’t help but appreciate the architecture of a building that I have walked by hundreds of times. While the layout on the inside was clearly inefficient, it was beautiful and timeless. We all quietly took our shoes off and gathered in a large, white, open room, filled with comfortable chairs, pillows, and blankets (thank god, the single paned windows made it incredibly cold). Our instructor went over a few ground rules, and explained how things would work, and we dove right in. It took a while for me to focus, but a few minutes in, I was able to slow down, control my breathing, and all of a sudden, boom. I felt my mind just… let go. And time flew. I was bathed in this calm, relaxing state. I listened to her voice, and embraced the music that was softly playing, and it was amazing. What felt like five minutes turned in to 45 in a blink of an eye.

The class ended, and we mingled in the front room, drinking tea and talking about our experiences. It was interesting to see the different levels, and different views, and how meditation, and mindfullness helped peoples day-to-day. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to trying this again at home, or maybe even taking a class or two.

After a quick stop over for breakfast, I dropped Meg at work, and I hustled to my office to start the day, feeling energetic and revived. I mostly blame the early wake up time, but I like to think that slowing my brain down and relaxin also led to my body telling me that I needed to seriously chill out at night and go to bed. I drove home, ate dinner and got ready for an early night. I was in bed for the first time before 10:00 PM, and now here I am, Wide awake and ready for the day! Late night tonight, as I’m going to a movie premier, but hey… Can’t wait!





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